"Just to let you know that my kids loved the current events quiz! We did it in groups and as a competition and they went crazy about it! So engaged and onto it. Thanks a bunch!"
Nicole — Year 7 teacher

"I trialed the History resource with one of my reading groups today and it was a big hit! Really nice to have material that’s relevant to kiwi kids and addresses the ‘Time, Continuity & Change’ strand. The follow up questions generated some great discussion with the group. Also love the maths maintenance resources. I’m using 2 different levels as some of my Year 6 kids need to be extended."
Jason — Year 5/6 teacher

"As a relief teacher I have found The Weekly Plan resources to be extremely helpful when covering classes. They work really well as a stand alone activity in themselves or can be incorporated into any planning left by the classroom teacher. It’s a great feeling to know that I have enough material to fill a school day and that the students will be on task, completing activities that are educational and fun."
Faye — Primary/Intermediate relief teacher

"The Weekly Plan has a well organised maths maintenance programme. I’ve found it extremely beneficial to my class and a great way to get their brains warmed up for the maths lesson to follow. The students enjoy working their way through it as it’s manageable and visually appealing. The questions are all different so it gives the students variety and the ability to succeed in some, if not all, of their answers. I would highly recommend it as a part of a daily mathematics programme."
Louise — Year 7 teacher

"I've been using the maintenance with my class and it works really well. There are a range of problems to cater for the various abilities that I teach. "
Stuart — Year 8 teacher

"I’ve been trialing the resources on The Weekly Plan and have been impressed by the quality of the material. The resources have slotted easily into my programme and the kids particularly enjoyed the current events quiz and the history and humanities activities."
Eddie — Year 8 teacher