Daily Maths Maintenance

While we acknowledge that the classroom teacher is best equipped to plan for the particular strengths, needs and interests of their class we also understand that precious planning time can be taken up organising and planning routine elements of lesson planning, such as daily maths maintenance. Rather than searching through a number of resources every day to compile your maths maintenance we have it all planned for you at the click of a mouse.

Our maintenance questions are at 3 levels: Level 1 (7-9 year olds) Level 2 (9-11 year olds) and Level 3 (11-13 year olds). The maths maintenance programme consists of 10 questions for each day of the school week. It is most often used as a warm up before launching into your maths lesson and is designed to reinforce concepts students should already be familiar with. Answers are provided. It is in PDF format and can be easily viewed by the whole class. It is also printer friendly so could be incorporated into your homework programme or used within smaller groups.

To ensure our Maths resources complement your existing programme, subscribers will be able to access maths maintenance work across a range of Maths topics by using our resource library.

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