Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that crop up from time to time.  If you have a question that we have not addressed here, please feel free to contact us.

How do I access the resources?

Simply login with the email and password you signed up with.  Now scroll down the page and the resources that you have subscribed to will appear.  These are the current week’s resources.

Can I access resources from past weeks?

Absolutely!  Simply click on the ‘Resource Library’ link once you have logged in and browse through resources from other weeks.  This is particularly useful if your current area of study does not align with the resources we have uploaded for the current week.

Sorry, the Resource Library feature is not available to people signed up for the free trial…which leads us to the next question…

Can I trial your website before making the commitment to subscribe?

Of course!  We offer a 3 week free, no obligation trial.  Simply click on either the free trial star or the ‘Subscribe’ tab on our website and fill in a few details.   Then use your email and password to access the current week’s resources.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Check out our pricing by clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ link.
We offer a loyalty discount of 20% to our valued customers who re-subscribe following a paid one year subscription.

You can pay using Paypal.  If you are a New Zealand or Australian subscriber you have the option of Paypal payment or requesting an invoice. 

Can all the staff at my school get their own login?

If you subscribe to a school package then all of the staff at your school are entitled to their own login.  The person who takes out the school subscription is the account holder and they are able to login and set up other staff members in their school with their own login by clicking on ‘Manage Users’.

How do I use the resources in my classroom?

We have heard of all sorts of creative ways teachers incorporate our resources into their classrooms.  The most popular is to connect your computer / device up to a projector so the resource can be easily viewed on a screen by a group or class.

We also offer follow-up activities for many of our resources.  These can either be copied for individuals or again projected onto a screen.

What age group are your resources targeting?

We have designed the resources for use in the middle to upper primary classroom, however a lot of secondary schools have been using our resources in their junior classrooms.
For more info on our resources click on the ‘Resources’ link.

How are your Maths resources leveled?

Our Maths resources are developed at 3 levels:
Level 1 for 7-9 year olds
Level 2 for 9-11 year olds
Level 3 for 11-13 year olds.

You will receive all 3 levels when subscribing to our Maths resource. 
Of course you know your students best so you may choose to use different levels for different groups in your class.

Please note for our NZ subscribers:
Our level 1 is equivalent to NZC Level 2
Our Level 2 is equivalent to NZC Level 3
Our Level 3 is equivalent to NZC Level 4

Are new resources written each week?

A new Current Events resource is uploaded every week of the school year. 

For our other resources we work on a 2 year cycle so the resources you receive on the Current Week’s Resources page will not be repeated within 2 years.  Once you enter your 3rd year of subscription you will experience some recycling of resources.  Having said this, we are constantly writing new resources to add to our resource bank so often it will be more than 2 years before a resource is recycled.

Please note we will often upload more than 1 resource for our ‘This Week in History’ so you may see these resources appearing on a yearly cycle.

How do I subscribe / re-subscribe?

To subscribe simply click on the ‘Subscribe’ tab and follow the instructions.  You will be able to access resources immediately.  Be sure to check that the country shown at the top right hand side of the page is the correct one for you before subscribing.  Your subscription will last for 365 days.  A reminder email will be sent to you 2 weeks before your subscription expires.

To re-subscribe before your current subscription has ended login and click on ‘renew’.  If your subscription has already expired, login and click on ‘add a new subscription’.